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Our professional services include:

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How much is your credit costing you? Consumers with poor credit may be denied a job, a car loan and a mortgage loan as well as higher insurance rates if your credit scores are low.

*Do you want to increase your credit scores?*

*Inaccuracies on your credit reports?*

*Are you concerned about your credit?*

Cali Financial Services has been helping clients for over a decade and our services are guaranteed, legal and effective. We follow all of the guidelines and laws to protect all of the consumer's rights! 


Our comprehensive credit repair services can raise your credit score by eliminating negative items on your credit reports. These negative items may include Charge offs, ID Theft, Incorrect personal information, judgments and public records, late payments, paid erroneous collections, tax and other liens, reposessions and creditor inquiries.

We will effectively and legally assist you in raising your credit scores. Over sixty percent of the population is in need of these services. Most people's credit information is not valid and can be removed when handled correctly. Starting with our initial contact with the creditors as well as the credit reporting agencies, our experienced debt negotiators can settle debts as low as thirty percent on the dollar. Credit repair is an ongoing process. We will help you raise your score and help you maintain it by eliminating negative items and points of concern. In addition to our credit repair services, we have a variety of resources that will help you stay on top of any credit elements that can damage your score. We offer free credit consultations to anyone who is in need of our services. Your low credit score can quickly become a thing of the past.

At Cali Financial Services, we offer the most reliable and affordable services which have assisted many clients with the removal of all forms of negative credit items. What makes us a step ahead in the credit restoration and debt consulting services is our extensive background that stems from credit analysts, credit collections, banking and legal background of our staff.

Our knowledge and expertise for twenty plus years make us more effective than the other competitors. We can eliminate your credit or debt issues permanently with the proper guidance.

On a 30 year fixed mortgage you may not realize that 1% interest is equivalent to 25% of the amount financed. For example, on a $100,000 loan at 7% interest, it will cost a difference of  $25,000 more over 30 years than if it were at 6% interest. As you may not know, higher credit scores from having good credit will get you lower interest rates.

Our credit services work great for those that have made it past their initial financial trouble and are ready to start rebuilding their credit. In some cases it does not require for you to remove any items and it may be in your best interest for you to settle your past due accounts.  

Each client is approached in a different way to resolve a creditable solution that will be positive. We offer the most efficient credit restoration or debt consulting program in the industry.

Once your credit is repaired, we can assist you in obtaining some line of credit if needed. Our consultants can also guide you with the correct information in order for you to obtain a loan modification. 

All you need to do is email us at info@califinancialservices.com  and an experienced specialist will contact you within 24 hours.